A few months ago we shared our collaboration with Jeeyon Shim on Patreon, and it was a lot of fun for all of us. We really enjoyed the process, so we’re doing it again! Throughout June we will be spotlighting our friend Lizzie Stark

Portrait of Lizzie Stark

You may know Lizzie from her luminary status in the rarefied world of international larp—she is a prominent thinker and promoter of Nordic-style larp as well its scrappy North American cousin. She’s written extensively on the topic and her essays often serve as a cogent gateway for newcomers curious about larp in general, and touchy-feely short-form larp (the kind I like to make and play) in particular. She helped edit the #feminism collection and has designed many fun and fun-adjacent games like The Curse and In Residency (which we will share with you!).

Lizzie is also a writer; her books include Pandora’s DNA and Leaving Mundania. Right now she’s writing a book about eggs. 

So across June we will be helping you get to know our friend Lizzie. There will be an informal conversation, and we’ll share one of her games (In Residency) and she and Jason will be sharing a game they’ve written together, Four Lovers. This marks an early attempt to design around the restrictions of distance and isolation we currently find ourselves in. It is a delightful game and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

If you’d like to join us during the collaboration and learn more about Lizzie, please come join us on Patreon!

June Collaboration with Lizzie Stark
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