Jason got all excited and made a thing, so we decided to release it for the June Playset of the Month. Go close your curtains so your neighbors can’t spy on you and then take a look at Home Invasion!

It’s a nice middle class neighborhood with a nice mix of professional families and a nice, powerful homeowners association. Good people who get involved and know their neighbors. People who aren’t afraid to tell you that the shade of blue you are painting your house is not exactly allowed by the association covenant.

But lately things have been unsettled around Poppleton Terrace – property values are falling, crime is rising, long-time residents have been less than receptive to the suggestions of the standards committee, and now new people are moving in. People who are not like us. At all.

Home Invasion shares a number of locations with other playsets, making it a lovely candidate for multi-session play. Tales from Suburbia, in the Fiasco book, is one. Sharp-eyed enthusiasts will note

June Playset of the Month: Home Invasion
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