The Lesser Players’ Tale, the game that Lizzie Stark and Jason submitted for competition at Fastaval, a Danish game convention and hub of weirdness and excellence, won the Best Scenario award. It’s a huge honor! Jason made it through the entire awards ceremony with just the right degree of studied apathy but when they announced they had won he completely flipped out.

The Lusty Queen cover image

Big thanks to the judges who recognized the game, and also to the almost supernaturally great crew that makes the event work—translators and organizers and mentors and people who just get stuff done.

Fastaval regularly produces some of the best games on Earth, games that are hugely influential and well regarded in our small corner of the playful world. We cannot stress how proud we are to have been recognized.

Congratulations to the other winners, but also all the nominees and entrants —the nature of any contest is that great work goes unrecognized, and we are reliably told that the nature of Fastaval is heartbreak (this is not Jason’s first rodeo, nor Lizzie’s). For example, SJ Murdock‘s game When In Doubt is beautiful and compelling—we hope you read and play it!

You can also check out The Lesser Players’ Tale, available for free thanks to Fastaval.

Lizzie and Jason Win an Otto
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