playdesignplay and the London Indie RPG Meetup are hosting the Fiasco Playset Design Day in London on Saturday, 12th February, 2011, 12pm-6pm at St Christopher’s Inn.

“The Fiasco Playset Design Day is a friendly event where folk gather in a delightful London boozer of an afternoon to create playsets for the Fiasco role-playing game and then play the heck out of them.

There will be banter, brainstorming, laughs, crazysomekindofcool ideas, fun with crayolas, and beer and fine wines too. It’s going to be a creative, fun winter’s afternoon, and at the end of it all you’ll have a nice playset to show off as well.

We’ll be splitting into groups in order to create the playsets that we’ll swap and play later in the afternoon, but there’s no competitive element at all.

If you are planning on coming, you can help us out by joining the Meetup group and RSVPing. You could also drop us a tweet to the same effect if you don’t fancy signing up. We hope to see you there.”

London: Fiasco Playset Design Day
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