As usual, things all come together at weird times. At long last, two great collaborations have finally come together for release, and we’re excited to share them with you!

Love in the Time of KhvarenehLove in the Time of Khvareneh
by Matthijs Holter and Jason Morningstar

Love in the Time of Khvareneh is a story game for four or five players. Each player controls one character in a web of intrigue, with motivations, desires and secrets that will force them to forge and break alliances of love, power and magic. Chances are that some will meet a tragic end, while others find happiness, or the illusion of it—but this is up to the players to decide and explore during play.

Based on the Archipelago III game engine, Love in the Time of Khvareneh is an endlessly replayable, mythic one-shot of sex and ambition.

In addition, we’ve added Matthijs and Jason’s previously published collaboration, Love in the Time of Seið, to DrivethruRPG as well. If you don’t already have it, consider grabbing both games in this convenient bundle.

old-friends-coverOld Friends
By Ole Peder Giæver and Jason Morningstar

Old Friends is a freeform live-action ghost story by Jason Morningstar and Ole Peder Giæver designed for 4-6 players, with no GM. Playtime 3-4 hours.

Old Friends was nominated for 3 Otto’s at Fastaval 2016 for Best Presentation, Best Roles, and Best Effects.

These are Charity Projects!
As with Archipelago III, all profits from the sale of these games is going to the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), our favorite badass Nobel Peace Prize winning de-mining charity.

We’re Really happy to be sharing these two juicy games at last, and we hope you enjoy playing them!

Love in the Time of Charity Games!
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