Jeeyon Shim with her hatchet

March is the Month of Jeeyon on the Bully Pulpit Games Patreon!

Jeeyon Shim is a game designer and wilderness educator we are proud to call our friend, and we teamed up to do some fun stuff this month to raise her profile among our patrons (who should totally support her, too, if they are able) and, more selfishly, to hang out with Jeeyon more.

The original plan was to do the following:

1. Have Jeeyon and Jason co-design a game.
2. Share a personally curated game from Jeeyon’s catalog with you all.
3. Interview Jeeyon to give you a better idea what her deal is.
4. That’s pretty much it!

But, as exciting projects tend to do, it has grown a little.

Jeeyon and Jason built a framework and then hung six small games on it, all live action games designed to get you outdoors and helping your community while doing silly things like pretending to be trash wizards and lost aliens. So “make a game together” became “make six games together”.

TrashPlay Logo

The result is TRASHPLAY, which is available now to our Patreon backers, along with all of our previously released games. Join us to today and check it out!

And now that word of the collab—and trash play in general—has gotten out, our friend Orion Canning immediately made a game, which we will also be sharing with you later this week!

And finally, Jason and Jeeyon have had a pretty intense month of co-working and co-design, and we’ll capture some of their thoughts on that— and the games that resulted—to share with as well.

This was an experiment. Could we invite someone into our Patreon and deliver a series of interesting things as a result? Could we raise the profile of a friend and help them out financially a tiny bit? So far, so good! Let us know if you want us to do this again!

March is the Month of Jeeyon
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