The procedures are the heart of Medical Hospital, and I want them to be easy to create. Playtest feedback indicated that the super detailed, Gray’s Anatomy style images added a level of confusion but not an equal helping of fun. I had counted on the “fog of war” aspect, but it really is a bit too much.

I’m thinking now that I’ll divide the human body up into 18 sheets, at least initially. Each sheet will show the relevant organs and bone structures and blood vessels for basic play, and future sets can be all orthopedic, all vascular, whatever. If these are sized consistently (the sample is 8″ by 10″ which seems right), individual sheets can also be blown up into four quadrants for detailed work, like mitral valve replacement or whatever. I like this model a lot.

The keys will be to nail the level of detail and get a great, stylish artist to build out these sheets in a simple, colorful, accessible style. More thought required!

The sample above is the lower right abdomen, so that giblet-looking mess is the kidney, a loop of duodenum, and the devilish pancreas. I put a number on each physical feature and sprinkled a few around for “cut from #13 to #45, avoiding the artery” type instructions.

Medical Hospital Sheets
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2 thoughts on “Medical Hospital Sheets

  • August 17, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    One cool feature of this arrangement is that you can lay out an entire human body and have different medical teams working in tandem.

  • August 18, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Another would be overlays – so you could make procedures (I’m thinking heart surgery) where you start with a thoracotomy, cut through the ribs, then the pericardium, and then get to the heart – three sheets lined up one atop the next.

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