I love the word errata – it just rolls off the tongue with businesslike precision. No first printing survives contact with the public intact, and The Roach is no exception:

On page 28, the Pembertonian list for Event VI includes “Framing a scene” as a bullet point, which should be ignored.

On page 29, in the “The Free Man’s Blessing” section, the second sentence both begins and ends with the phrase “unlike a Command.” Pretend that it didn’t.

On pages 49 and 50, Mulligan utilizes an Opportunity after getting drunk, which (d’oh!) he can’t. It should read: “He narrates getting stinking drunk, choosing to resist the roach instead of giving in to his rival.”

On page 52, there is a dumb grammatical error. Please forgive us!

Thanks to Ron Edwards and many others for pointing these out.

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