Fist City CoverFrom the diamond-hard hands of James Mendez Hodes comes Fist City, a new Fiasco playset that takes you into the secret world of martial arts warrior-idiots. Bowing to no temporal authority and disregarding such mortal concerns as effectiveness, authenticity, and taste, you will clash with one another in underground fight clubs, heavily padded tournament halls, and black-backgrounded forums on the Internet. There’s no backing out now! The gloves are off, or in some cases on, depending on your style. Ahead of you, the road to hell is paved with broken bottles, splintered timber, and the curb-stomped faces of your enemies. Right after that it’s paved with warrants for your arrest.

Welcome, spiritual pilgrim and sublime master… to Fist City!

New Fiasco Playset: Fist City!
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