I knew I wanted something to give a broad overview of the war as of November 1941, but I didn’t know Stalin had already done my work for me. Thanks, Stalin!

STALIN, via Radio Moscow: The dangerous threat to our country continues to increase. The enemy has seized a large part of the Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldavia Lithuania, Latvia, Esthonia and a number of other regions, has forced his way into the Donetz Basin, hangs like a black cloud over Leningrad and is threatening our glorious capital, Moscow. The German-fascist invaders are destroying the towns and villages created by the labors of the workers, peasants and intellectuals. The Hitlerite hordes are murdering and outraging the peaceful inhabitants of our country, having no mercy on women, children or old people.

Streams of enemy blood have been spilt by the men and women of our Army and Navy, who are defending the honor and freedom of our Motherland, courageously beating off the attacks of the bestial enemy and displaying examples of valor and heroism. But the enemy stops at no sacrifice. He is straining all his efforts to capture Leningrad and Moscow before the advent of winter.

In four months of war we have lost 350,000 in killed, an equal number missing missing, and our wounded number one million. In the same period the Hitlerite bandits have in killed, wounded and prisoners lost more than four and a half million men.

All that, of course, is true. But it is likewise true that our army is suffering temporary reverses, and is obliged to surrender a number of regions of our country to the enemy. What are the reasons for the temporary military reverses of the Red Army?

One of the reasons is the absence of a second front in Europe against the German-fascist troops. The fact of the matter is that at the present time there are still no armies of Great Britain or the United States of America on the European continent to wage war against our shared enemy.

The other reason is our lack of an adequate materiel, particularly aircraft. Our aviation is superior in quality to that of the Germans, and our valiant pilots have covered themselves with glory as fearless fighters. But we still have fewer aircraft than the Germans.

Herein lies our present task. We must crush the military might of the German invaders, we must destroy, to the last man, the German forces of occupation who have intruded into our country for the purpose of enslaving it. (Long and prolonged applause)

Only when we have accomplished this task and routed the German invaders can we achieve a lasting and just peace.

For the complete rout of the German invaders! (Loud applause) For the liberation of all the oppressed peoples groaning under the yoke of Hitler’s tyranny! (Loud applause)

Long live the unshakable friendship of the peoples of the Soviet Union! (Loud applause)

Long live our Red Army and our Red Navy! (Loud applause)

Long live our glorious Motherland! (Loud applause)

Our cause is just–victory will be ours! (Loud applause. All rise. Shouts: “Cheers for the great Stalin!” “Long live Comrade Stalin!” Prolonged applause. The Internationale is sung.)

Night Witches: News Briefing

2 thoughts on “Night Witches: News Briefing

  • February 5, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    That’s perfect, Jason. Nothing like the real words of real people.

  • February 5, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    Thanks! The political briefing is also the real deal, although I ginned it up to fit the times (the original was written by Alexandra Kollontai in 1946: I borrowed it from “The Soviet Woman – A Full and Equal Citizen of Her Country”, Sovetskaya Zhenshchina, No. 5, September-October, 1946.

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