Today I will speak to you not as soldiers, but as women.

It is a well-known fact that the Soviet Union has achieved exceptional successes in drawing women into the active construction of the state. This generally accepted truth is not disputed even by our enemies. The Soviet woman is a full and equal citizen of her country.

We have justified the trust and concern shown to them by our state. We have shown a high degree of heroism during armed battle against the Nazi invaders. Equally worthy of mention are the enormous achievements of the Soviet peasant women, who bear on their shoulders the burden of agricultural labor while this war rages.

We have mastered professions that have long been considered the exclusive domain of men. There are women engine-drivers, women lathe operators, women pipe-fitters, well-qualified women workers in charge of the most complex mechanisms. You are living proof of this, sisters!

Since the treacherous invasion by Hitlerite aggressors, Soviet women are seeing with their own eyes the need to wage a tireless battle against the stain of fascism until every trace of it had been removed. Only this will spare the world the threat of new wars.

The struggle for democracy and lasting peace, the struggle against reaction and fascism, is the main task we face today. To cut women off from this basic and important task can only weaken the women’s democratic movement. Only the victory of democracy can ensure women equality!

We, the women of the Land of Soviets, are devoting all our energy to the fulfillment of the monumental tasks set before us by comrade Stalin, knowing that in so doing we are strengthening the bulwark of peace throughout the world — the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

In closing, let me remind you that we must also be on the alert for intrigues by the reactionaries and expose their plans and intentions, their attempts to divide the ranks of democracy. The unity of all the forces of democracy is our most reliable weapon in the struggle against reaction, in the struggle for freedom and peace throughout the world.

Night Witches: Political Briefing