I was grousing recently about having a ton of ideas that I will never bring to fruition, and the notion of an RPG graveyard raised its ugly head – a place to put odd bits, unfinished ideas, and designs that went nowhere but might still excite somebody. So I threw one up (the password is elephant). In the process, I looked through my own old files and found some funny stuff. Here are my notes from a session of DET66 I ran – it was a “world war II with supernatural” campaign with rotating GMs and an extra serving of crazy. Some of my favorite gaming experiences took place in DET66, actually. Anyway, the evil and mega awesome mechanomancer Herr Dr. Hohenleutner was hurt and trapped in an Irish amusement park for some reason, which gave me free reign to bring the creepy place to life.

Hohenleutner was tracked down in Dublin, Ireland and wounded in a shootout. He was tracked to Mercury park and is holed up there after shooting a security guard. The park has been evacuated and Dublin police have it surrounded.

Detective-Superintendent Connoly will accompany the PCs. His goal is to take Hohenleutner into custody alive. The Nazi doctor is badly hurt and is using his powerful magic to evade capture.


  • Fairy aerial attack
  • Skeleton shamblers
  • Pianotorium wire whips and vines
  • Ironclad bombardment
  • Egyptian gods
  • Angry monkey swarm
  • Hoo-hoo screaming clown heads


  • Trapped child on the giant swing (rescue allows flakmen to get into position)
  • Dogs in clown suits shivering and sad
  • A hurt monkey
  • Cries for help from atop the tower of the Future/inside the Palm/deep in Little Cairo, etc.
  • Baby Incubator: Mechanical girl in pinafore pulling a Steiff lamb. She can be animated to attack and the lamb is explosive.
  • Beef Pavilion: Beef
  • Temple of Mirth: Funhouse with slides, mirrors, and “gates of hell” with mechanical skeletons inside. Skeletons can attack, etc.
  • Fairy Gorge: A himalaya-style ride with wheeled carts pulled by flying fairies. Fairies break free and become flying attackers.
  • Tower of the Future: “See the FUTURE OF WAR upstairs!”
  • Pianotorium: Pianos break open like evil flowers and the wires seek out PCs like deadly vines and whips.
  • Festival Lake/Ironclads: Ironclad turrets bombard PCs and set the park on fire.
  • Seven Plagues/Little Cairo: A theatrical presentation with racy backdrops.
  • Casbah/Little Cairo: A trinket market.
  • Treasures of Egypt/Little Cairo: Anubis (dog head), Bast (cat-head), Thoth (hawk head) statues attack.
  • Dr. Hakim’s Dog and Monkey Circus/Little Cairo: His monkeys and dogs are loose and in a panic.
  • Vacuum Tube Railway: Underground, accessed via spiral staircase. Hohenleutner will try to use the twin cars as huge battering rams.
  • Farrier Demonstration: Horses to be let loose in a panic.
  • Shinglemaking Demonstration: Various lethal machinery for woodcutting and shaping.
  • Toilets: Just toilets.
  • Hoo-Hoo Palace: A deep proscenium stage with leering clown heads. clown heads spit water and gnash their teeth and watch PCs, screaming their location.
  • Electric Marvels pavilion: “The history of wireless communication” and van de graff generators, tesla coils, electricity.
  • Forest of Arden: Filled with Hohenleutner’s evil minions.
  • Giant Swing: Running at full gallop with a screaming child trapped on it.
  • Hot Roast and Greens: More food.
  • The Palm: Fortune telling establishment.
  • Hall of Potato Science and Industry: Potato processing equipment.
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