Origins was great, better than ever. I had a fantastic, memorable time. Big thanks to Kira and Travis for graciously opening their home to me. Having a safe and comfortable home base among friends made everything so much nicer.

I played Fiasco three times:

Rainbow Mountain, in which new arrival Cindy Peppering used some tricks she had up her sleeve to terrify the entire cult and take over the Mountain…

News Channel Six, which was all about lust, the death of journalism and the sad descent of anchor Don Featherton, sort of melancholy in the end…

Rainbow Mountain, a session aptly named “My Two Dads”, in which all the characters (including the terrifying cult enforcer Lenin Peppering) were secretly related…this one in particular did not end well. Suicide, a fatal grizzly bear mauling, and life imprisonment sum up the Act Two action. Lenin Peppering came out well, though.

I also played/ran:

Dungeon World, in which the sorceress-spider Udjutan encouraged the paladin to fail his Last Breath move…

Dresden Files, in which my guy got to punch a bunch of screaming baby head ghosts in a haunted house…

Freemarket, in which a travel writer, a word detective, an apple farmer and a wrench fetishist saved a blank from her heart’s desire by kidnapping her…

Technoir, in which a lot of hot spheels were employed to bring down the double-crossing gangster Dumas – with a great final showdown at the Blood Derby…

I also helped playtest a cool new thing that is somewhat secret yet, introduced a pile of people to Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, and participated in a Larp I wrote! Watch the Skies! went well and I got a ton of useful feedback from the eight players. At one point we all actually watched the skies and, lo and behold, a flying saucer appeared.

Thanks to everyone who helped make Origins so great this year!

Origins Roundup
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2 thoughts on “Origins Roundup

  • June 29, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    Sorry, but News Channel Six was about the aborted career of the young Great White Hope of serious, old-school journalism.

    The LARP was awesome, I can’t wait to see it in finished form!

    Thanks for being our celebrity Iron Man, Jason! Next year should be even better.


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