Our move to Kickstarter’s Drip platform has been quite a ride. We are so flattered, humbled, and amazed by the support we’ve been offered so far that we decided to release something free to everyone who even stops by the page – a brand-new Dungeon World adventure seed written by Jason Morningstar, called When War Came to Colgur.

From Jason:

The core conceit is that your village has become the epicentre of a massive conflict you are powerless to prevent – two big medieval armies are going to have a battle right on top of your turnip patch. What do you do? I’ve run this a number of times and every time it turns out different. I hope you enjoy it!

Stop by our page to download it – a pairing with The Villager playbook (co-written by Jason and The Warren designer Marshall Miller) is highly recommended.

And, as always, let us know if you get a chance to play it!

–The Very Grateful Bully Pulpit Crew

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