Bully Pulpit Games is looking for playtesters to try out the revised edition of The Warren by +Marshall Miller. The game is solid and has already seen a bunch of playtesting as a one-shot, so we’re currently looking for players willing to try it over a campaign of 4-6 sessions over the next two months.

We’d also be very interested to see how it plays for groups with diverse age ranges. If you have a pack of kids who’d like to play a game about rabbits, we’d love to hear how it goes. It will probably work best for ages 10 and up.

The Warren is a “Powered by the Apocalypse” game, but our hope is that the text and procedures are clear and make previous experience unnecessary. The playtest kit will include the rules text, character playbooks, and setting handouts.

During this playtesting phase, we’ll invite you and your players to a Google Plus Community to share your feedback and ask questions. The final deadline for playtest feedback will be February 27th.

If all of this sounds good and you’re interested in playtesting The Warren, let us know by emailing info@bullypulpitgames.com!

Playtesters Needed for The Warren