I had a playtest-fest yesterday; Clinton did a splenic bypass. I’d been at a creative impasse with Business Solutions in particular and that’s over now. The thing I’m doing with Medical Hospital – the tactile, player-skill-equals-character-success thing – turns out to be just the ticket for Business Solutions as well. Clinton pointed this out and I’m so happy about it. We played enough alpha Medical Hospital for me to proceed with confidence and man, Business Solutions is pretty much done. I just need to run a few full games, get it out there for some blind testing, and that’s that. A pretty exciting development! I’m not sure how long it’ll take to come together but I bet it’ll be ready in the early fall. Information design will be a big challenge and I want to get that just right – the game relies on stuff you need to reference more or less constantly, and I’m not yet sure how to present those things in the clearest possible way. It’ll fall into place, I’m sure. Maybe the list of photocopier malfunctions goes on the back of the character sheet or something. Thanks to Joel, Clinton, and Mike for their help and ideas!

Playtesting, Moving Forward
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One thought on “Playtesting, Moving Forward

  • July 6, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    Thanks for the video, Jason.
    I’m sorry I will miss the game on Saturday at CollectiveCon. Medical Hospital looks like a lot of fun. I know I would rock at it.
    I’m glad Business Solutions’ is back on track. It was a fun as it stood. I will be interested to see how things work out.

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