Wow, what a busy week. I learned a lot at Gen Con and returned exhausted and sick but raring to go on a variety of projects. It’s a pretty stimulating environment, and I had the privilege of having some really satisfying and challenging conversations with some really fine people. These conversations will inevitably lead to new and interesting adventures! I also got to playtest a side project (Remi Treuer and I are working on a competitive eating hack of Contenders called Food Holes) and expose myself to some weird and exciting new games and ideas. Steve busted his ass at the IPR booth. Our games were very well received. Demos galore! I had set my expectations for Grey Ranks pretty low, given the subject matter, but people were very enthusiastic about the game. Our scheduled events for Grey Ranks and The Roach went well – thanks to Hans Messersmith for his help! Sincere thanks to everyone who voiced their support for Bully Pulpit Games and what we are doing.

Post-Gen Con Wrap
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