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Two-time Diana Jones Award winner adds new game to Bully Pulpit Games’ lineup

Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Bully Pulpit Games LLC, publisher of Fiasco and other award-winning games, announced the upcoming release of Durance, Jason Morningstar’s unique take on life in a far-future penal colony.

Durance is a game about the limits of power,” Morningstar said, “the key ingredients are savagery and servility, and where better to explore these concepts than a prison? And what makes a better prison than a backwater planet on the other side of the Great Rift?”

Durance is a fast-paced, low-prep, highly collaborative game in the tradition of Fiasco. Players in Durance assume the dual roles of convicts and guards trying to survive on an outrageously hostile planet. The thin veneer that separates the two classes tends to erode during play, raising questions about corruption, justice and mercy.

Book layout for Durance will be handled by Fred Hicks, multiple Origins award winner and graphic designer behind such visually striking titles as Don’t Rest Your Head and Spirit of the Century. “I’ve been admiring Bully Pulpit from afar for a long while” said Hicks. “I’m truly excited to have a chance to collaborate with them up close.”

Hicks is formulating a unique vision for the game’s look and feel. “Durance is about a hard, brutal place, founded on ideals of order, descending into chaos. As the project rolls forward, I’m going to be thinking about how to reflect that in the layout.”

The art team consists of a pair of seasoned veterans. Interior art will be by Brennen Reece, with a full color cover by Jesse Parotti. “I’m beyond thrilled to be working with these guys,” said Bully Pulpit Games’ Steve Segedy, “Brennen is bringing a sensibility and style that is going to reflect the material in an interesting and genuinely artful way, and Jesse is technically brilliant and seems to understand the game on an almost disturbing level.”

Bully Pulpit Games will be taking advantage of the popular service Kickstarter to facilitate a pre-order of the game in the spring of 2012. “One of the best parts of Fiasco was getting to see all the really great ideas that came from fans of the game, and so we’d like to capture that energy from the beginning for Durance,” Segedy said. “We’ve seen and backed some great projects on Kickstarter, and it’s the perfect way to get people involved with the game right from the start.”

Durance will be released and available in stores in summer 2012.

About Bully Pulpit Games

Bully Pulpit Games LLC is a small press game publisher based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. BPG has won an unprecedented two Diana Jones Awards for Gaming Excellence and been nominated for Origins and Ennie awards numerous times.

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Fred Hicks, http://www.deadlyfredly.com/
Jesse Parrotti, http://www.jesseparrotti.com/
Brennen Reece, http://brennenreece.com/

Press Release: Bully Pulpit Games Announces Durance
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