I’ve ginned up a couple of procedures for Medical Hospital on a test template:

The Trauma set just contains generic torsos to spindle and mash, for straight trauma cases.

The Tendon repair is a very typical sort of procedure. I should add some clamping.

The Arterial ligature uses two sheets and represents the more complex sort of surgery, in this case a delicate and awkward operation on the neck. This could be made even cooler with some string and dental floss.

All the scans come from the magnificent Surgical Anatomy of John B. Deaver, MD, published in 1912. I borrowed about 25 pounds worth yesterday and I cannot adequately express how strange and wonderful it is. I wish I had better skill at evening out irregularly-toned book scans. I also wish I knew how to optimize pdfs better.

Give the two surgical procedures a try with a stopwatch and let me know how long they take you. Scissors = scalpel, post-its = sutures, and paper clips = clamps. That’s all you’ll need.

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