Due to popular request, we’re making a few older exclusive products publicly available again!

DrivethruCards POD – $8.00

This high quality deck of 65 cards is a supplement for Durance that was previously only available to our awesome Kickstarter backers. It includes 12 Survey Factor Cards (six Planet and six Colony cards); 20 Planetary Survey Cards; 20 Colonial Record Cards; and 12 Special Settings Cards— these are custom settings you can choose to use instead of following the normal process. They come in matched planet/colony pairs and were designed by Clinton Nixon Dreisbach, Graham Walmsley, Rafael Chandler, and Chris Bennett.

DrivethruCards POD – $4.00

This smaller deck of 23 cards is a supplement that only previously existed as a convention demo tool, enabling us to set up Durance games quickly with pre-made characters and lots of front-loaded hooks and connections. The deck includes 10 Notable Cards and 12 Oath Cards.

Both decks of cards should fit nicely in one of Drivethru’s large plastic deckboxes.

Atomic Empire – $20.00

Our local game store Atomic Empire is now stocking the classic Fiasco T-shirt for us. The shirt design is based on the cover work by John Harper and lovingly screen-printed by Flytrap Studios on 100% cotton American Apparel shirts.

If you’d like to order one for yourself, you can do it here on their web store, in both Men’s and Women’s sizes. If they run out of stock in your size, let us know and we’ll restock!

Product Updates: Durance Cards and Fiasco T-Shirts Now Available
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