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Hey friends,

After receiving some helpful feedback over the last year, we’re updating the policies around how we share our work and support creative fans and other game designers. In particular, this means that we’re updating our Fiasco Playset License policy to include the option of Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW) terms for releasing your own Fiasco-inspired playsets.

This is a return to the model we used with Fiasco Classic and that worked well for years. It is a first step in more broadly updating our policies—an immediate and practical one while we work on the more complicated aspects of making our content more accessible and easy to use while also protecting the game and our company.

Thanks, as always, for your trust and support! If you have thoughts, suggestions, or feedback you’d like to share with us about this, we welcome it. Write us at and let us know. 

Steve and Jason

PWYW Terms Now Included in Fiasco Playset License
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