Autumn and I have been watching a Mexican telenovela called Rebelde lately, which is really fun. It’s about ridiculously rich teenagers at an exclusive boarding school. It’s very Primetime Adventures-worthy – they don’t mess around about making characters Issues, Edges, and Connections crystal clear. In the first fifteen minutes of the first episode, you get:

  • A rich girl doing a strip-tease at a school presentation to get revenge on her neglectful father
  • A poor boy getting a scholarship so he can attend the school of the daughter of the man who killed his father, so he can seduce and ruin her

Is it awesome and dumb in equal measure? Yes, yes it is. Every character is enormous and there is relentless pressure to increase the stakes. It’s like something you’d show aliens who didn’t understand what emotions were.

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One thought on “Rebelde!

  • August 4, 2007 at 4:38 am

    Rebelde is awesome! Absolute nonsense mind you, but really very fun.

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