Last night I ran an interesting game of the Roach. It was the first time the game didn’t really fire on all cylinders and I’m not sure why. There was not much mayhem (Regina was molested a little but never really used) and things were very sedate, and the endgame was pretty unsatisfying. What went wrong? We had six players – four Forge regulars and two old skool guys who were a little uncomfortable with taking narrative control, who struggled to frame scenes and passed a lot. I don’t think that player mix was the problem, per se. Eric suggested that nobody used NPCs to drive the action, which is true, and we didn’t roleplay very much – and this is, I think, the root cause of the problems. I have another session scheduled for 10 AM, and if it happens (not sure if I’ll have any people, no one signed up) I’ll really emphasize assigning opponent dice to people and narrating scenes.

Roach Update
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  • November 14, 2005 at 10:43 am

    I started a topic on this game at the Forge.

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