Bully Pulpit Games is both sad and delighted to say goodbye to Alex Roberts, who has served as our Production Coordinator since 2016. Sad because she’s been an unbelievably valuable member of our team, and delighted because our friend Alex, while continuing to be involved in the sales and marketing of her game Star Crossed, is moving on to greater things.

Alex brought enthusiasm, talent and a deep knowledge of marketing and social media to BPG and has helped our company grow and improve in innumerable ways. She has been a consistent and welcome voice urging us to try new things and take new risks, her strong opinons always leavened with good humor and kindness. Alex has been a dedicated professional and we are so pleased to have had a chance to work with her.

Today is Alex’s last day. We are proud to announce that Jenn Martin is picking up the reins as Production Coordinator. Jenn is a dear friend (she has reset sad robot Jason more than once) and a talented writer, editor and game designer. Jenn is currently the Larp coordinator for Big Bad Con and winner of a Golden Cobra award, and brings experience with big box retail distribution and eCommerce. We’ve already been working with Jenn for a while, and she brings a wonderful blend of experience and joy to the job.

Sad/happy news…