We’ve received a lot of superhero playset submissions, and it’s not usually what we think of as Fiasco material. However Heroes of Pinnacle City, written by our friends and long-time Fiasco players Anna Kreider, Kit Kreider, Ryan Consell, and Josh Hoey, hits just the right note for an over-the-top supers setting worthy of September’s Playset of the Month.

The world teeters on the brink of disaster! Madmen with doomsday devices, countless alien races poised to invade, meddlesome time-travellers, interdimensional conquerors, vampires in government, and demons in coffee shops. The superpowered heroes of Pinnacle City are all that stands between the earth and total annihilation. Now if only they would do something about it instead of arguing with each other and hiding behind their secret identities.

Download it soon, before there’s nothing left but a smoking hole where Pinnacle City used to stand!

September Playset of the Month: Heroes of Pinnacle City
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