“In These Difficult Times”

2020 has been, as all of you know, a bit more of a fiasco than we’d like. Here at BPG HQ, we could think of no better way* to put the year behind us than to make a Fiasco playset full of our shared pandemic-related frustrations.

This playset it free for download, though some assembly is required. (For example, printing and cutting will be up to you! Though we suppose you could print and fold it. ) We hope that you enjoy reading it and maybe even playing it with friends in your next safe, masked, socially distant Fiasco game!

Here’s hoping for a calm, quiet new year completely unworthy of a Fiasco playset!
We live in hope.

* well, one better way might be burning an effigy of 2020, but that’s entirely up to you. Just make sure you don’t accidentally set something precious on fire.

The Trashfire 2020 dumpster logo burning in an actual fire
Special Release Playset! Trash Fire 2020
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