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Be the first to get this hotly anticipated two player game of forbidden love.

Develop characters who are irresistibly drawn to each other.

Build a world that keeps them apart.

Pull from the tower to find out what happens.

The Beloved Edition is a work of art – it comes with beautiful maple tower, tear-away pads of character sheets for instant setup, and an envelope of index-sized scene cards, along with the full-colour rule book in a sturdy box adorned with art by our Ignatz Award-winning Illustrator Jess Fink.

Already have a tower you love? Back at the Internet Crush edition for just the PDF of the game.

Either way, you’ll get to see the pre-release draft right away.

Jason Morningstar, our lead designer, on Star Crossed:

…a simple, fun game absolutely filled with delicious romantic tension. The beauty of Star Crossed to me is that it is a very precise story-generator operating along a desperately under-served axis. It isn’t a ‘couple’s game’ (although I’ve heard stories of people bonding over it, by various definitions of bonding). You can totally play Star Crossed with your buddy or a stranger, and it doesn’t feel weird. But the stories that emerge are all about tragic, doomed, love – pretty much the #1 theme in poetry and literature since forever. We all have these literary tools in our arsenal and never get to use them, because most games are about other things and don’t foreground love and romance at all. Sometimes this is deliberate, because human emotions are hard! Sometimes it just gets lost. But in Star Crossed that’s all there is. It’s a game about a romantic relationship that probably shouldn’t happen, and the aftermath of that. Will they? Won’t they? Will it all end in a sad shambles? (Probably.)

When I played Star Crossed for the first time, we told the super sad story of a bus driver and the passenger he loved. They went to the same church and they were both married, and everything was deliciously awkward, and in the end they just couldn’t leave their settled simple lives and parted ways, heartbroken. It felt like a pretty good short story and it felt grounded and real. I am told you can also play sexy sentient spaceships and the hyper-intelligent living stars they love, Regency-era rake-hells who are into melancholy ghosts, and all sorts of things.

The Kickstarter is only on until May 10th! Back now, and tell your friends!

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Star Crossed is now on Kickstarter!