The Black Drop is now available for purchase from Pelgrane press. This isn’t a Bully Pulpit thing, but I did it and I’m proud of it.

“Something slowly gathers strength beneath the frozen basalt of the remote Kerguelen archipelago — a monstrous thing once worshipped and then betrayed, a terrible god from the antediluvian past. It’s time has come again, and mysterious forces gather.

Will the Investigators usher in its rebirth — or put an end to it forever?

Although it could swing toward the Pulp end of things, there’s plenty of windswept nihilism and reliably cosmic horror for any Purist. Adjusted by the Keeper to taste, it will work well for either style.

It features pregenerated characters and extensive handouts.”

The Black Drop Drops
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One thought on “The Black Drop Drops

  • June 23, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Playtesters: Leslie DeMent, Kevin Rosbolt, John Hannas, Jeff Hosmer, Joyce
    Crane, Paul Cordes, Shane Jackson, Tom Gurganus, Randall Hayes, John Farish, Kris
    Crofts, Denis Ryan, Fiachra Kelly, Neil Kelly, Sarah Hallinan, Adam Worden, Heidi
    M Silcox, James Gibbons, Nathan Steele, Mark Silcox, Jason Furedy, Chris Hansen,
    David Lely, Robert Chilton, Paul Beakley, Michael Brisbois, Jolene Brisbois, Jessica
    Brisbois, Natalie Wall

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