Some co-conspirators and I are trying to put together a series of short scenes that each focus on a Jeepform technique we think is broadly applicable to structured freeform gaming, whatever that means to you. One of my favorite Jeep things is Bird-in-Ear, which is a simple technique for shredding the idea of character ownership in a fun, engaging, productive way. So I took it on and wrote a simple scene that, hopefully, illustrates Bird-in-Ear through play.

So here’s The Exit Interview. It’s designed for 3-14 players, is not about drunks, prostitutes, cancer patients or molested children, and should take way less than an hour. I’d love it if you’d take a look and especially if you want to try it out! I need to know if this is a solid introduction to this one focused technique, and if the instructions make sense to people who haven’t played a Jeepform game before. It should be a little ridiculous and pretty fun. It is about superheroes.


The Exit Interview