I’m working on the assumption that cards will be printed 18-up, so I have 54 to work with. There are 39 action cards and 10 character cards, which leaves me with five. The plan is to have these include directions for each segment of play on one side, and color quotes for each town that gets raided on the other. The mockup is set in 8 point type, but the quotes are so excellent it’s hard to cut them down. I probably will, though.

The Five Extra Cards

One thought on “The Five Extra Cards

  • April 9, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    Little error on the Tarboro card.

    Also, the fifth card will have THE POCOSIN on the back and have quotes about the swamps. I don’t have any right now but they can’t be hard to find. They are awesome swamps.

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