Jenn Wong, our friend over at Jennisodes, really digs Fiasco. How much? This much:

  1. She wrote a playset that is so good we’re making it a Playset of the Month, bumping something I wrote.
  2. She hosted a Fiasco-themed contest (Congratulations, Josh Jordan!)
  3. She tied her Jennisodes mascot into the playset and had custom dice made. Custom dice!
  4. She invented a whole new twist on regular Fiasco play that is so cool we immediately added it to the Fiasco Companion – see the last page of the playset for details.
  5. And finally, she ran the Golden Panda playset like a machine at Dreamation 2011, introducing hundreds of gamers to the glory that is … the Golden Panda. And, by extension, Fiasco.

All in all, pretty amazing. Way to go, Jenn!

The Golden Panda Strikes!
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