OK, so everybody picks a character (there are eight to choose from, including a dead professor and a pair of dogs). You have a sheet with a description, a special ability you can use once per adventure, and three traits. Two are positive and one is negative. You draw a playing card and put it face-down over any three numbers in a card sequence, two through king, printed on your sheet. Like so:
card placement, initial
The game revolves around creating situations for other player’s characters to deal with. Once you’ve set one up, their player draws a card and compares it to their sequence. If it is below or above the blocked part of the sequence, a positive thing happens related to the low or high trait. If the draw occurs in the blocked portion of the card sequence, a negative thing happens based on the bad trait. if you draw a two or a king, the card gets flipped horizontally, to cover five numbers, like so:
card blockage
Your character succeeds, but with sacrifice – things are going to be harder for you. A second draw of a two or king switches it back. You keep drawing cards and creating narrative challenges for each other until an ace shows up, which is the signal that the chapter can end at any time. There are five chapters in a complete adventure.
There’s more to it than this (each chapter is driven by situation elements and there are crises that can pop up to make use of special powers or kill characters), but at its heart it is a very simple storytelling game with few moving parts. I think it will behave, in play, very much like the loopy fifties adventures of the books. Anyway, thanks, Trollbabe!

The Inevitable Trouble Club RPG
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