I’ve had this idea percolating for over a year – a comedic game inspired by the tropes of Restoration comedy. And I’ve been mulling it over, and poking around for material, and a recent trip to Davis library was a jackpot – I found the weirdest book. It was printed in 1883 and is a parody of early publishing called Olde Tayles Newlye Relayted. It’s really a send-up of caxton-era printing, but the illustrations are post-1600, so whatever. It’s stuffed with humorous woodcuts that I am going to use. They are absolutely perfect and I couldn’t be happier – the game revolves around “types”, and Olde Tayles Newlye Relayted has great illustrations of all thirty. It’s been fun to paw through the substantial tome to see where they “break character” – here an illustration that’s off, there a typeface that screams late nineteenth century, there a suspicious turn of phrase. Big fun. Digitizing and cleaning up these images was a nice break from Grey Ranks.

The Manor
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