Night Witches book and portrait cards on the table
Photo by Banana Chan

We love Big Bad Con, the friendliest gaming convention on the West Coast. This year, as official sponsors of the event, we wanted to run something special. “Long Cons” (multiple consecutive sessions in the same weekend) of Night Witches have done well in the past – what if we made it a “Wide Con” instead, and tried to wrangle a full squadron of Nachthexen?

We had sixteen players, four GMs running one table each, and one four-hour slot. The result was like most things the 588th Night Bomber Regiment gets up to–chaotic, thrilling, and somewhat desperately improvised.

And you can take home the fun!

Want to try your own Night Witches Wide Con, at your favourite convention or enviably large home group? You can download our full package of game materials here:

Night Witches: The Unwomanly Face of War

This package includes 25(!) character sheets, an outline of play, as well as maps and other handy handouts. These were designed for our own use, for how we wanted to run things–if you have questions, or just want to tell us how it went, get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

Tonight, we fly! 

Combined thumbnails of 25 Night Witches character sheets
Full set of character sheets from the NW Wide Con package
The Night Witches Wide Con
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