Inspired by Montsegur, which does this very well, and the new Days of Wonder game Small World:
Potter's Raid, 1863
So your character consists of two cards. The first card has half your name, one of your two unique things, and a question about your past. The second card has the rest of your name, your other unique thing, and another question- this one forward-looking. When you address the question in game, you turn the card over, and get a little morsel of situation, an event, or something.

In the above set, with a different draw, you’d get Private Morris Lapstrake, Jonah and Criminal. Lots of potential variety.

I’m liking this. I shouldn’t be thinking about this but what can I do?

Using Cards; Burning Down Rocky Mount
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One thought on “Using Cards; Burning Down Rocky Mount

  • March 26, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Hooray for Chinese menus! Seriously, this is awesome.

    (This also reminds me I need to try Small World, as I’m a big fan of Vinci.)

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