You were only trying to replace a fuser element, but you accidentally clipped the heat exchange fan and now it’s bent and useless. What do you do?

The correct course of action is to acknowledge the damage you’ve caused (see “How to Deal with an Angry Client”, page XX) and swiftly remedy the problem. Note the repair as “technician origin” on BSI-214 and add your initials — the cost of parts and labor will be promptly deducted from your paycheck.

Business Solutions, Incorporated cannot endorse deceptive practices. There are no circumstances in which BSI would encourage you to fold the damage you’ve accidentally caused into the trouble ticket problem description. Billing the client for damage you caused, using form BSI-214, line 7*, is unethical. Since no client possesses the technical acumen to determine precisely what has gone wrong with their copier, BSI must rely on your integrity not to take the easy, painless and undetectable way out.

*Line 10 if damage is to a motorized feed mechanism such as a finisher stack roller wheel.

What to do if You Accidentally Make a Problem Worse