The Roach books and cards have arrived and everything is good to go. Our page at Indie Press Revolution is now up and active.

The last copy of the first edition is winging its way to the Celestial Empire and Ben Lehman as I write this.

I just sent some major drachmas to Luke Crane to secure a spot at the Gen Con Forge booth.

The Mad Irishman is chewing on Drowning and Falling layout between meth-fuelled burglary sprees. I want to write a Choose Your Own Adventure add-on for D&F called DWARFQUEST or something, and solicit challenges from people to include.

I borrowed four books on the Warsaw Uprising and have been slowly consuming three of them. The fourth is in Polish and consists primarily of the names and addresses of every Scout and Girl Guide who participated in the Grey Ranks. The bibliography for GR is going to be long.

I start a new improv class this Saturday. Reading Keith Johnstone’s Impro has flooded my brain with new ideas for roleplaying games. My design time has dried up lately.

I’ll be placing an order for more Roach and BPG ephemera tomorrow, which will be fun and exciting.

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