Shab-al-Hiri – Here, and here. There used to be a “tropospheric research center” there that was attacked with F-117-delivered precision guided munitions on February 9, 1991. The U.S. Marines 24th MEU returned in 2003 to finish the job. Interesting, although of dubious provenance:

“Although disused, the Shab Al Hiri base’s capture in the initial stage of combat is important for Israel and Jordan. It is partly concealed in a labyrinth of deep desert gulches surrounded by mountains and hills atop which are a complex of ramshackle buildings, most of them abandoned farm structures. The US war command as well as Israeli and Jordan military leaders are acting on the premise that the Iraqis have hidden in those deep wadis and abandoned buildings a number of missiles ­ although not necessarily of the Scud type that hit Tel Aviv in 1991 – for launching against Jordan and Israel. They also postulate the possible concealment in remote caves there of guided drones capable of delivering chemical and biological payloads.”

Who Knew?
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