Today we’re releasing some supplemental material for our new game, WINTERHORN. These documents are designed to broaden the game’s footprint to include larger groups and non-roleplayers, as well as provide additional context and discussion points. I hope you find them useful and engaging.

You can find these materials on the product page, or by in the digital version of the game at DriveThruRPG or Indie Press Revolution. If you already bought the digital version, your downloads will be updated to include these documents.

WINTERHORN as Workshop provides an alternate introduction, facilitation guidelines, and debrief for playing the game outside its traditional roleplaying context. The game’s mechanics are simple enough to use in a classroom or less formal group setting, and this document outlines the necessary adjustments you need to make. My hope is that this will make WINTERHORN more accessible to groups outside Bully Pulpit Games’ core constituency, for whom “six people, two hours, lots of scenery chewing” feels perfectly natural.

WINTERHORN: 12 Techniques is a walk through the twelve methods of governmental disruption you pore over in play. Each has a short description, an example pulled from history or current events, and three directed questions you might consider related to your own activism. These are very straightforward questions! For example, Manipulation’s section ends with:

Are you a good candidate for manipulation?
Are those close to you vulnerable?
How will you know if those around you are being manipulated?
What actions can you take if you or those close to you are being manipulated?

As with WINTERHORN generally, there are no answers, only opportunities for self reflection. The questions pair well with the larger group version of the game.

I’m thrilled with the reception WINTERHORN has received so far, and I’m very excited to see these materials finally available.


WINTERHORN: A New Way to Play
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