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Bully Pulpit Games is proud to announce the release of Jason Morningstar’s latest game, WINTERHORN.

Morningstar, a game designer best known for his Diana Jones Award-winning Fiasco, spent most of 2017 carefully refining and playtesting WINTERHORN with friends and strangers.

WINTERHORN is all about how governments abuse their power to destroy activism,” says Mr Morningstar. “You play government agents with a mandate to disrupt this group code-named WINTERHORN, but you know little about them. As the game unfolds you learn more, and have to choose which of twelve techniques you are going to use to mess with them. The techniques range from surveillance to direct violence, and are all pulled from the real world. Choices and time are both limited, and you will be forced to make difficult decisions with imperfect information. You will probably make some terrible mistakes.”

The key to WINTERHORN are those twelve techniques which, Morningstar says, you get to know very well during play.

“And when you’ve finished destroying those fictional activists,” he says, “you can turn around and think about how you might harden groups you care about against the same techniques. By flipping the script, my hope is to give players insight into the approach and motivation of governments tempted to abuse their power.”

Bully Pulpit Games’ co-founder, Steve Segedy, is excited by the game’s potential outside traditional hobby audiences.

WINTERHORN has something to say, and it can serve as a conversation starter for activists or a teaching tool for educators. I’m really looking forward to seeing it used in these settings, and we’ll be releasing supplementary material that tunes the game for use in classrooms and workshop settings.”

WINTERHORN is now available print-on-demand through DriveThruRPG, and will soon be available through Indie Press Revolution.

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Jason Morningstar is a game designer, writer, and consultant with companies like Google and Kaiser Permanente. Some of his games include Fiasco, Grey Ranks, Night Witches, and Ghost Court. He is also co-founder and Chief Designer at Bully Pulpit Games.

Available now at DriveThruRPG!

WINTERHORN Now Available
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