Alex Roberts’ innovative and scintillating game Tension, already a sleeper hit on the convention circuit, has found a home with Bully Pulpit Games.

Roberts, well known as host of the Backstory podcast on the ONE SHOT network, and for her contributions to tabletop roleplaying games like Misspent Youth, Dialect, and Damn the Man, Save the Music!, has been developing Tension for several years.

Tension comes from the bottom of my heart,” says Ms Roberts, “like a lot of the Bully Pulpit Games lineup, it fills a particular niche—in this case a niche for a two-hour, two-player game about relationships that feels both overdramatic and painfully real. Also you might want to smooch at the end. But you don’t have to!”

Inspired by Epidiah Ravachol’s groundbreaking RPG Dread, Tension combines exciting world-building, clever mechanics, and an unstable tower of wooden blocks to help players tell the story of two people entangled in their own undeniable, impossible attraction.

“When the tower falls,” Roberts says, “so does their resistance to their true feelings.”


Sara Williamson and Joshua Yearsley playtest Tension at Metatopia 2016.

According to Bully Pulpit Games’ co-founder Jason Morningstar, bringing Alex Roberts into the fold was a logical development. “When I saw Tension I got really excited by the game’s design and potential,” Mr Morningstar says, “I love that Alex has made a game that is tactile, outrageously fun to play, brimming with hope, and focused on something other than violence.”

Tension appeals to all kinds of people, and I’m really looking forward to presenting it in a way that does justice to the theme—we’re already losing our minds over the art direction and product design possibilities here at BPG headquarters.”

Tension is set to launch on Kickstarter in April 2018.

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Alex Roberts is a writer, designer, journalist, and roleplayer of boundless enthusiasm. A 2016 Gen Con Industry Insider, she has established herself as a recognized expert in romance, sexuality and care in RPG and larp. She is also the Production Coordinator for Bully Pulpit Games. 

You Really Want To, But You Really Shouldn’t: Bully Pulpit Games To Produce Tension
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