The Pitch

Develop characters who are irresistibly drawn to each other. 

Build a world that keeps them apart. 

Pull from the tower to find out what happens.

Star Crossed is a two-player game about really, really wanting to–when you really, really can’t.

After setting up a tower of smooth wooden bricks, you’ll spend eight scenes role-playing two characters as they draw tantalizingly nearer to each other. Each escalation of their feelings requires a pull of one brick from the tower–and when the tower falls, they act on their feelings, regardless of the consequences.

Developed under the name Tension, Star Crossed is about just that: the irresistible pull towards something you know can never be. Feel your heart flutter and your cheeks flush–and see if you can keep your hand steady.

Advance Praise for Star Crossed

“The pace of the game and the deliberateness of it is delicious. There were so many sweet, and nerve-wracking moments in this game. It captured falling in love as I’ve never seen in a game, and so quickly and succinctly. There were a few moments when I came near to tears. I’d play this again in a heartbeat, and can’t wait for it to be ready.” – Tomer Gurantz

“I like playing with stacking blocks and drawing them out slowly, pausing in the middle of my pull to add something to the fiction. This game really rewarded that… It takes the best part of Hot Guys Making Out and Dread and then adds a laser focus. I’m super impressed at how well the simple instructions and game mechanisms work. So good!” – Sean Nittner

“What I find genuinely surprising about the design of [Star Crossed]and what really draws me to it—is not just how well the metaphor fits; but how the metaphor veers from that of Dread. Hiding in the gravity of that teetering tower is not the grisly finality of well-swung hammer or the existential threat of eternal void, but something far more terrifying: real human desire.” – Epidiah Ravachol, creator of Dread

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Set to launch on Kickstarter in April 2018.