Retailer Information

Here at Bully Pulpit Games we're big fans of retail stores! We love to see our products featured on store shelves and we direct fans of our games to their friendly local game stores whenever possible.

A shelf of Fiasco products at Emerald Tavern in Austin, TX

To that end, we do everything we can to support brick-and-mortar retailers, including offering our PDF guarantee, working with the Bits-and-Mortar initiative, and providing a variety of ways to stock our games.

Sell Sheets and Product Lists

You can download sell sheets for our games, along with our current list of products, from the following links:

Sell Sheets

Product List

PDF Guarantee

When a customer buys the print edition of any of our games from our store or one of our brick-and-mortar store partners, they get the digital edition as well for no extra charge. That way retailers get to offer our products on the same terms that we do, and the customer gets a square deal buying our games from either source.

we participate in the Bits and Mortar program, giving you the opportunity to extend our “free PDF with purchase” guarantee to your brick-and-mortar customers directly. You can send them a download code by email or even offer the files on removable media alongside the print products. See the Bits-and-Mortar site for more details.


You can find our products at the following distributors. If you have suggestions for other distributors we should also be working with, please let us know and we'll reach out to them.

 U.S. Canada U.K.
E.U. Australia

Direct-to-Retail Terms

We’re happy to do direct wholesale orders directly to retailers as well.  

Direct-to-Retail Sales Terms

GAMA EXPO 2024 Promotion!  Free U.S. shipping for all orders over $100! 

  • Discount: 50% off MSRP
  • Payment Terms: prepaid initially, Net30 once a relationship is established.
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders of $400+ (after the discount), to anywhere in the continental US. Orders less than $400 will have a flat $25 shipping charge.

Email us at with your order.


Other Promotional Materials

You can find press kits, promotional images, free supplements, and other materials for each of our games online at


Need Something Else?

If you have questions or would like to make a direct order, drop us a line.