Convention Support

Convention Support Policy 

We receive a fair number of requests for convention support, which we consider a huge honor! Thank you for thinking enough of us and our games to want our sponsorship for your event.

Chances are good that we’ll want to help promote your event, and we’d like your event to help us introduce our games to new people.

If you contact us to ask for support, here are the questions we’re going to ask:

Where and When?

Where and when is your event? Do you have a website and social media channels that we can use to help promote your show? If you need print materials, what is your shipping address?

What Do You Need?

What type of support do you want? Are you looking for digital or print products? Are you asking for sponsorship? How much do you need? When do you need it?

How Will the Support be Used?

How will the products or funds be used? Will there be a play-to-win event featuring our games, or perhaps a charity auction? Is this support for volunteers who will be running our games?


Will you be promoting our sponsorship of the event? If so, what graphics or promotional copy do you need from us, and when?

Vendor Support

Will your event include retailers who might carry our products, so that participants can find it?

Harassment Policy

Does your event have a publicly-available harassment policy? Does that policy clearly outline what is unacceptable behavior and who is responsible for providing help and enforcing the policy?

This last bit is very important to us, because we want our games and your event to be part of a positive and safe gaming experience for everyone.

If you don’t already have such a policy in place, we encourage you to consider it. Here are some examples and resources to get you started:

Once you've put together your answers to these questions, drop us a line with your request using our Contact form. Thanks!