Black Lives Matter

DrivethruRPG has put together a set of bundles to support a variety of important causes including Black Lives Matter, and we chose to include our most relevant game – WINTERHORN.

Black Lives Matter - DrivethruRPG Charity Bundle #2 - Winterhorn by Jason Morningstar


We chose to include WINTERHORN because it is a game we’d like activists to play, and suddenly there’s a whole lot more activists than there were a few weeks ago. WINTERHORN asks you to interrogate your own activism’s safety and security, thinking about infiltrators and surveillance and direct, sanctioned state violence. We have other games about fighting fascism nose-to-nose, but WINTERHORN felt right, right now.

Of course as a game it asks questions and doesn’t provide answers. If you want to learn more about hardening your own activism and operational security generally, here are a few links:

To get the bundle that includes WINTERHORN and supports the Black Lives Matter movement, visit the DrivethruRPG website today!


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