Cowboys With Big Hearts Wins Origins Award for Best 2D Art!

We're so proud of our friend and art director, Brennen Reece, on his 2023 Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Origins Award for Best 2D Art for the cover of Cowboys With Big Hearts!

At BPG the very first note in every art brief is "this must not look like game art", and we strive to create visually distinctive products that reference the broad range of artistic styles from past and present. For Cowboys With Big Hearts, Brennen took inspiration from Italian Spaghetti Western posters, 1960s pulp novel covers, and the jazz album art of David Stone Martin to craft a dynamic and evocative image in a lurid, eye-catching palette.

Thank you to the Origins Award judges for this recognition, and to all the fans of the game for giving it a try and giving chase to the Death Brothers, one last time!

Cowboys With Big Hearts cover Illustration

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