So Long, Jenn, and Thanks for All the Geese!

Jenn Martin headshot

We're sad to announce that today is the last day we'll have Jenn Martin as a regular part of the Bully Pulpit team!

Jenn has been our Production Manager and a key part of our team since 2018. Her keen insights, excellent feedback, and top-notch spreadsheet wizardry have made her essential to our operations. We're already struggling to fill the gap!

Jenn is stepping away from Bully Pulpit to focus on her own design projects and collaborations and we can't wait to see what she does next! You may already know her work from the many games she's created, edited, or produced. If not, definitely go check out her newly-released Dead After Dinner and play online today!

Please join us in wishing Jenn well with all of her adventures to come!

Thanks Jenn! You're the best.

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