New Fiasco Playset Expansion Packs Coming December 2021

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Eight New Fiasco Playset Decks Coming Soon

Bully Pulpit Games is excited to announce the release of a new round of Fiasco Playset Expansion Packs in December 2021! This release will include four new expansion packs with a total of eight decks of cards to expand your Fiasco game in new and exciting directions.

This release includes some updated versions of classic playsets as well as several great new settings from some of our favorite designers, including Jenn Martin (The Goose of Grillner Grove, My Little Daemon), Banana Chan (Scooby Doo: Betrayal At Mystery Mansion, Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall), and James Mendez Hodes (Thousand Arrows, Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game)! We mixed these new playsets with old favorites like Boomtown and The Ice, updated and refined for the card-based format.

We’re especially excited to release the Just Add Trouble deck, which includes three mini-playsets, each designed to inject a specific sort of trouble into any other playset. The card-based format allows for this sort of mash-up by simply mixing the decks together. Now if Poppleton Mall is a little too prosaic, you can mix in cards to add time travel, the undead, or—worst of all—out-of-control geese!

Are you excited yet? Read on for more details about all the new decks, coming soon to a friendly local game store near you!

BPG106 – Fiasco Expansion Pack: Pride and Panic

Folly and Fortune by Jenn Martin

In Regency England, one must always observe etiquette as one maneuvers the marriage market during the social season. The fortunate marry for love but settling for an income or title is common consolation. Waltz your way toward the aisle or duel away your differences—just make sure you do it before time runs out!

Just Add Trouble by Jason Morningstar and Jenn Martin

This deck is a collection of three mini-playsets, to be used with any playset deck to add some unexpected fun. Each includes some twists on the usual rules, including custom Tilt elements and event timer cards. 

BPG107 – Fiasco Expansion Pack: Join the Cult

Murder at the Prestige House by Banana Chan

Alright, we all know that clout equals cash. Here at the Prestige House we’ll do anything for our audience to hit those like, share, and subscribe buttons. Do you have what it takes collab with Prestige House? I didn’t think so…

Rainbow Mountain by Jason Morningstar

Rainbow Mountain is more than a place—it is an idea. Called back to the land, escaping toxic cities and a diseased way of life, residents seek to build utopia on a few perfect acres of mountain land, far from the troubles of the modern world. Of course trouble has a way of sniffing out the fault lines of power, sex and ambition no matter where you go.

BPG108 – Fiasco Expansion Pack: A Thousand Papercuts

Fist City by James Mendez Hodes

Among suburban America’s parking lots and strip malls, a secret community of martial pilgrims and sublime masters bows to no temporal authority, and disregards such mortal concerns as effectiveness, authenticity, racism, or taste. From the octagon to the lunchroom, will strength and skill alone prevail? Dare you walk the boulevard of broken boards? Fist City is about suburban America’s most mediocre martial artists and the epic, life-consuming rivalries between them.

Business Casual by Steve Segedy

Another day surrounded by the same cubicle walls under the same fluorescent lights, your mid-level manager shadowing your every step as you type out yet another mind-numbing report. But today’s the day it all changes, right? It’s time to stand up and tell them what you think, and either get that promotion or finally get out of this hell once and for all. Or maybe just burn it all down.


BPG109 – Fiasco Expansion Pack: One Step Too Far 

Boomtown by Jason Morningstar

Gold will make people crazy, and there’s enough gold in these hills to send the whole world down the path to ruin. Not you, of course. You’re better than that—more put together, smarter, meaner. Where others see quick riches you see rot—moral, physical, you name it, in this town it is rotten. And where there’s rot there’s weakness, and where there’s weakness there’s a different sort of opportunity. You’ll make this place choke up its gold, sure enough, but probably not at the business end of a pickaxe. You’re smarter than that. And meaner.

The Ice by Jason Morningstar

McMurdo Station is a little slice of America transplanted to Antarctica, with all that entails—we’re here to do science and support the doing of science, but we’re also doing each other—a lot—and we’re also doing various crimes, and we’re also doing…well, think of an isolated American mountain town and use your damn imagination. People get a little intense down here on the ice, and tend toward poor decisions, and sometimes it all goes wrong in a spectacular way.

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