September Collab with Jenn Martin

Jenn Martin portrait photo

All through September we’ve been running our “Month of Jenn” collaboration on Patreon, featuring our own Jenn Martin!

Jenn is a joy to play with and a brilliant, understated designer in her own right (seriously, check out her game The Goose of Grillner Grove!). She also happens to be our Production Manager and serves as Larp Coordinator for Big Bad Con, among many other side-hustles. 

At BPG we rely on Jenn for many things, but lately she has been leading the way as we dip our toes into the digital realm, where she is quite comfortable and Steve and Jason are not. If you’ve played Fiasco in Roll20, you’ve seen her work!

Earlier this month we posted an interview between Jenn and Jason where you can find out a lot more about her design process and love of geese. We also shared her game My Little Daemon with our patrons, which you should absolutely check out!

Today we’re releasing the game that Jenn and Jason wrote together over the course of the collab- a fun little tabletop game called Hotel Retrograde, where you play the remaining crew aboard a space station, fixing it up to be a hotel before you (hopefully) get to go home.

To check out all of these games and posts—and all of our past content as well—please come join us on Patreon!


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