Star Crossed: Love Letters - Launching on Backerkit Nov. 9th!

Star Crossed: Love Letters logo and illustration of three lovers

Star Crossed: Love Letters is crowdfunding next week on Backerkit!

An all-new gorgeously illustrated guide to enriching and enhancing your sessions of Star Crossed: the Two-Player Game of Forbidden Love.

Star Crossed by Alex Roberts is the Jenga-based two-player game about really, really wanting to, when you really, really can’t.

Love Letters is a book of characters, settings, advice, and alternate modes of play to help your Star Crossed sessions SPARKLE.

Ever wanted to play Star Crossed as a solo game? Or with three players? Or online? Or integrated into your existing TTRPG campaign? Then catch all that and more in Star Crossed: Love Letters on Backerkit, Nov 9 - Dec 7.


  • New illustrations by Ignatz Award-winning artist Jess Fink
  • 4 new sets of Scene Cards
  • 4 alternate Epilogue tables 
  • Rules for ONLINE Star Crossed
  • Rules for tower-free Star Crossed, using a 20-sided die
  • Solo Star Crossed, a one-player journaling game
  • Three-Player Star Crossed
  • Bayshore Landing, a new setting with 30 new pregenerated characters, for multi-table games of Star Crossed in which up to 10 pairs can play simultaneously 
  • Advice for playing Star Crossed with friends
  • Advice for incorporating Star Crossed as a prologue, interlude, or epilogue to your longer-term campaign games 
  • 9 Pregenerated pairs of characters, each in their own unique setting, by Kieron Gillen, Cecilia Tan, Banana Chan, James Mendez Hodes, Sharang Biswas, and more…
  • Original illustrations for each pair, by HamletMachine, GC Houle, Mye Bi, Ouhie, and more…
  • All this in a cute little 6x9” full-color booklet that fits right into the original Star Crossed box!
  • Check out Love Letters Now!

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